Dreamcatcher Workshop with “Capture Dreams and Wish Flowers”

Join us June 23, 2022 for a Dreamcatcher making Workshop with “Capture Dreams and Wish Flowers”
This is a free workshop for ages 13+
Free food and drinks will be provided to those attending.
Space is limited (2 spot limit per registration)
Contact us to reserve your space!
About Capture Dreams and Wish Flowers:
“I am honoured to carry the Ojibwea blood line, sent down through my grandmother, Isabelle Eagle Friesen, residential school Survivor who was whisked away at 16, three provinces away.
I have given myself the title of contemporary, indigenous, multimedia cultural diversity embracing artist.
My art is very much modern, as I was raised with very little tradition.
I embraced my art of dream catcher weaving during a visual art certificate program.
I love colour and gemstones and different cultures incorporated into my art.
I also offer workshops (online or in your home with friends) I love creating custom works of art.
I am always looking for challenges.
Spread seeds of kindness,
Capture dreams of love,
Walk the rainbow.”
“This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.”
“Ce projet a été rendu possible grâce au gouvernement du Canada.”