Empty Chair Project *Film Premiere* (Tuesday November 16, 2021)

“In those private conversations we have inside our mind, there are struggles, injuries, battles fought. These are the imaginary conversations where we articulate the ideas we don’t often say outside the privacy of our mind.
Those inner monologues are often about hurts and losses buried deep inside our psyche. According to Fritz Perls, the German founder of Gestalt Therapy, those words, when not expressed, can fester and erupt into everyday life when we least expect it. When we put pen to paper, taking that inner voice to the external world, it can bring new life to some of the most vulnerable and precious parts of soul. And when we take those private writings and speak them out loud, a liberation of thought and feeling can take place. A catharsis.
The Empty Chair project weaves together this private introspection with creative imagination, culminating in a fusion of artistic expression that reaches into the depths of imagination and experience, to bring forth those inner discussions.”
Tickets: $10 and available for purchase at Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.
Entry: limited to 50 patrons and proof of vaccination is required.
Run-time: 1 hour and 27 minutes