Live Theatre & Music (Oct 5, 2022): Corin Raymond (Bookmarks + Music) with Naomi Shore

BOOKMARKS + music / BOOKMARKS(approx 60 min) will be followed by a set of songs with Corin Raymond accompanied by Noah Walker and Naomi Shore.
Wed October 5, 2022
Doors 7:00pm / Show 8:00pm
Tickets: $25 online or $30 at the door
*Bar and refreshments will be available for purchase*
About this event:
“I’m a sucker for good storytelling, but I’m also finicky—I don’t like it when stories are told in a way that feels acted, I don’t like it when stories have been polished to a high precision, and I don’t like it when stories are delivered solely for weightless amusement. I do like it when the craft of the storytelling is so hidden within a conversational delivery that I don’t notice it—when the teller seems to be speaking casually and only when I’m knee deep in their narrative do I realize that I’m enmeshed in something that is both poetic and precisely crafted.
This is why Bookmarks, written and performed by Corin Raymond, currently on view at the 2022 Hamilton Fringe, whalloped me as much as it did. It starts off so unassuming, and then in small, deliberate increments builds to a finish that is equally emotional and revelatory. No small feat for a play whose premise suggests nothing more than ‘books are cool”.
Through a succession of 5 or 6 monologues (I wasn’t counting), Raymond alternates between alliterative tributes to the tactile, talismanic quality of books and key biographical moments where his attachment to them has been forged. Within the weaving of these pieces is a seemingly inconsequential tale of losing a Helen Garner paperback in an Australian airport, and Raymond’s subsequent overreaction to the loss. This moment soon becomes a toggle switch for a more foundational trauma.
Normally, I think I might write it off as a storyteller’s trick to take a slight moment and then extrapolate on it so that it can talk to bigger and more elemental themes. But in Bookmarks, the sheer ferocity of Raymond’s conviction, and the urgency and vulnerability of his telling erase any notion that he is either contriving or being clever. By the end of the piece, it is evident that books are not just books for Raymond; they are tools essential for his survival. And those things that give us solace and stability should never ever be taken for granted; indeed, we should take time to recognize and venerate them.
And this is what Raymond has done. I’m grateful for it.”
Corin Raymond:
Toronto songwriter Corin Raymond is a troubadour whose robust veracity appeals to older folks and children alike. Raymond’s songs are covered by Dustin Bentall, The Good Lovelies, The Strumbellas, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, and a far flung community of roots musicians and enthusiasts. Raymond’s latest JUNO nominated album, Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams (released March 3rd, 2016) is “a hypnotic, literate collection of dark tall tales…. Romantic, immediate, and narcotic.” (Acoustic Guitar). Aside from the hilarious triumph of funding his previous project, double-album Paper Nickels, with Canadian Tire money, Raymond enjoys a second career performing his non-musical, one-man shows Bookworm (2011) and The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper (2014), which he has toured extensively to over a dozen Fringe and literary festivals, and to theatres in three countries. “Raymond has impeccable timing, and his performance is at once intimate, openhearted, and evangelical.” (The Georgia Straight on Bookworm) “Corin Raymond is a storyteller who by the end of the night you’ll have known your whole life.” (The Globe and Mail).
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