National Indigenous Peoples Day

On this summer solstice, June 21, we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. We believe it is so important to always celebrate and learn of the rich culture, history, traditions, and stories of our Indigenous people of Canada.
Join us at KPAC on June 23rd as we celebrate Indigenous artists, storytellers, and creators. These will be free events thanks to sponsorship from Heritage Canada.
June 23 @ 12pm (Film)
DƏNE YI’INJETL | The Scattering of Man
June 23 @ 4pm (Dreamcatcher Workshop)
Dreamcatcher Workshop hosted by “Capture Dreams and Wish Flowers”
**Registration is now full for this event but please feel free to contact us if you would like to be added to our cancellation list**
June 23 @ 7pm (Concert)
Kym Gouchie
“This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.”
“Ce projet a été rendu possible grâce au gouvernement du Canada.”