Peace River South Festival of the Arts

The purpose of the Peace River South Festival of the Arts is:

  • to foster and showcase students in the performing arts, in a positive, caring, and instructional environment
  • to help students realize what the performing arts are, how to participate in the performing arts, and why the performing arts are essential to individuals and society as a whole

The festival is used as:

  • a performance showcase
  • a vehicle for specialized instruction in the performing arts
  • a cultural experience to be enjoyed

Performances are showcased at KPAC and Unchagah Hall.  The instructional component takes the form of clinician’s comments to the performers and, in some case, through special workshops.  The cultural aspect is achieved through scheduling:  participants are able to watch other performers in their section.

For more information about the Peace River South Festival of the Arts, contact the office at 250-782-9325.