Scholarships & Awards

Kiwanis Arts Centre Society Scholarship Program

The Kiwanis Arts Centre Society offers annual scholarships towards further study for students enrolled in the performing arts at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.

Scholarships are awarded based on proficiency, commitment, and dedication as witnessed and assessed by each student’s instructor or instructors. Awards are used to continue lessons for the upcoming fall season.  Instructors nominate potential students to the Kiwanis Arts Centre Society Board of Directors who award scholarships at the end of April.

Awardees are contacted by the KPAC Executive Director by the end of April and an awards package is given to the student at the Honour’s Concert, following the Peace River South Festival of the Arts.

KPAC Scholarships:



Drums- $200

Violin- $200

Voice- $200

Wendy Cox Love of Dance Award- $200

This scholarship and trophy are presented to students encompassing a multitude of characteristics that contribute to both further personal growth as a dancer, as well as how they contribute to KPAC and the dance community. Recipients of this award are recognized for having been consistent in their efforts, showing kindness to their peers and demonstrating dedication to the dance program.

This award is named for Wendy Cox, who created the foundation of what is now the dance community in Dawson Creek. Wendy first came to Dawson Creek 1972, where she began instructing for the City of Dawson Creek Parks and Recreation department and School District 59. In 1980, she opened the Wendy Cox School of Dance in her basement. When the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre first opened its doors in 1992, Wendy’s School of Dance was one of the first groups to become part of our formal performing arts community.

In 2004, Wendy semi-retired, turning her studio over to Lindsay Molson. Four years later, Wendy moved into full time retirement. She now enjoys watching her past students rising to new heights both as teachers and as performers. She is incredibly proud of Dawson Creek’s dance community and the many talented individuals who continue her legacy.


*In the event that the student does not continue studies in the up-coming year, they forfeit the KPAC scholarship.


The Jessica Burnell Inspiration Award



Named for Jessica Burnell, one KPAC’s most talented and inspiring dancers, this award is given to a deserving competitive student who demonstrates outstanding dedication, sportsmanship, and resiliency. To be considered for nomination, students will also have to inspire others, share their love of dance and serve as healthy and strong roles models for their peers.


We wish to recognize dancers who not only contribute to an empowered dance community, but who also strive for personal growth and development.  Funds awarded through the Jessica Burnell Inspiration Award can be used towards expenses incurred due to competition enrollment, such as dance or competition registration fees, costume purchase, or travel.


Financial Award- $1001



For more information regarding scholarships or awards, please contact the office at 250-782-9325.