Whitney Mosher


As a child growing up in Cranbrook BC, Whitney’s parents encouraged their children to participate in activities, Whitney chose dance.

Whitney made her way to Dawson Creek through her Bachelor’s degree in economics and archeology. Whitney a lover of dance, animals and her two young boys currently lives on a small acreage just outside of Dawson Creek.


Whitney is a RAD trained ballet dancer and ADAPT trained jazz dancer. Her experience in ballet is over 15 years and with 8 years of teaching experience with the Royal Conservatory of Dance syllabus. Whitney studied Human Anatomy and Physiology through post-secondary education, her knowledge ensures proper form and technique is used during her classes. She will be taking Summer courses at the Alberta Ballet School for Intensive Teacher Training.


During the year you will almost always see Whitney at the KPAC on a daily basis either teaching classes or running her Fitness with Whitney programs.


What was your wish growing up?

“That I was able to dance until I was 100 probably. And get to spend lots of time with my family”


Favourite Movie?

“Anything and everything Disney! I am a princess at heart after all. I also loved Romeo and Juliet!”


What is your Favourite Dance Move?

“For Jazz, definitely hitch kicks and stamp turns. For Ballet I love Port De Bras. You can create the most beautiful lines!”


Favourite Animal?

“…Anything that isn’t a creepy crawly… I love all animals!”


What is your favorite part about being a dance teacher?

“Getting to watch all these amazing kiddos develop and grow into amazing adults! It’s such a cool experience seeing how much they change, even just from the start of the year to recital!”

Our Statement

To Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre; Whitney is an integral part of our programming and foundations of who we are. Her knowledge and experience in dance has made her a dynamic teacher that we all cherish. Whitney is someone we look forward to having back each year, her warmth and drive is a motivation for all of KPAC